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The process

This is the process in which your genie will deliver your requirements. Remember, this genie can deliver projects worldwide.
  • Step 1

    Contact is made by the customer

    There are a variety of ways in which you can contact your genie. Click on your choice below:

    Phone: 07957125011
    Skype: deanphillips2005
    Website contact form
    Take your pick!

  • Step 2

    Needs analysis and requirements specification

    The more I know about what you need the better service I can deliver!
    Every project is different. You tell me exactly what you need done and I will then evaluate your requirements and send you a proposal document. Within the proposal document, I will break up your project by task, cost and timescale so that you are clear on what is involved.
    At the end of the document are my standard terms and conditions. Once you are in acceptance of the proposal, this means you are also in acceptance of my terms and conditions. These form a binding contract, so it's important to read these as well as the other parts of the document.
  • Step 3


    In most cases, this genie requires a deposit to be made before commencing development. The amount will be documented in the requirements document. Once this is settled, the first draft of your project will be prepared in accordance with the requirements document that was delivered to you and a prototype of the product will follow.
    Here you will get the chance to review what I have done and suggest any changes that you may need. The job isn't done until you are 100% satisfied with the output!
  • Step 4

    Project signoff

    Once everyone involved have indicated that they are happy with the product, then the project is essentially signed off/agreed on completion and the remainder of the budget settled.
    Once the remainder is settled, then the final version of the product is published and, if required, placed online to replace the prototype version.

Hosting and website names

A little bit about these two entities:

Hosting account

You need a hosting account

Domain name

You need a domain name

You need a hosting account and a domain name (website name) in order to have your website running online. This should ideally be sorted out at the start of the project.
I partner with a well established hosting company of which hosting and domain names are acquired. Therefore, it is an external cost. While you are free to sort this by yourself, I can also manage this aspect for you. Many people find the concept of setting up hosting and a domain name confusing. I can handle this on your behalf. This is also detailed in the project proposal/requirements document prior to starting a project.

Note that hosting and domain names are usually a recurring yearly cost. This will be mentioned in the requirements document prior to start.

A website is made up of many files which all link together using code and images to display what you see online. These files take up a certain amount of storage space.
A domain name (website name) closely reflects your actual business name and business functions and is linked to the hosting account. This is what your customers/clients will access to view your website. The domain name points to the hosting account where your website files are located.

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